TransLucid and Cartesian Programming

The goal of Cartesian programming is to radically simplify the specification, programming, verification and maintenance of software systems. In Cartesian programming, every aspect of a program, including its structure, its deployment, its behavior and the data that it manipulates, may adapt to a multidimensional runtime context. This paradigm is being developed through the TransLucid programming language, in which variables are defined to vary with respect to this multidimensional context, itself an arbitrary set of (dimension, ordinate) pairs.

Latest TransLucid Release

The third release of TransLucid, version 0.3.1, is out. It is available at the following link.

It includes intensions as first-class values, and higher-order functions fully work.

TransLucid and Cartesian Programming blog

The blog is Check it out!

TransLucid on the Web

There is a Web-enabled TransLucid interpreter at Try it out!

TransLucid examples on the Web

Examples of TransLucid programs can be found at

TransLucid at CSE@UNSW

The TransLucid interpreter is available on the computers of the School of Computer Science and Engineering at UNSW. Instructions for its use are at

TransLucid on

The GPL-licensed source code for TransLucid is available for download from Sourceforge at

The TransLucid Team